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Author inspired by Montrose, Colorado and surroundings

In her 4th novel, being released as an e-book on May 22, 2015, Diane Winger uses a fictionalized version of Montrose, CO and surrounding San Juan mountain settings as a backdrop to her contemporary story.

Montrose author, Diane Winger, takes the advice to “write what you know” to heart, and in her 4th novel, Memories and Secrets, the story takes place in a fictional town on the Western Slope called Seligton. There’s a cozy coffee shop located in a historic house built in the early 1900s where locals hang out. The town celebrates Independence Day with a parade, street fair, and evening fireworks. Hikers marvel at the splendor of Blue Lakes and enjoy views of Mt. Sneffels. Sound familiar?

When asked if the two protagonists in Memories and Secrets are based on real people, or if she identifies with either of them, Winger explains that she feels a bond with the grandmother, Deborah (who is described as close to the author’s age and, like Winger, passionate about hiking and rock climbing), as well as with seventeen-year-old Ashley, the granddaughter. Winger remembers herself as having been an immature and insecure teenager who still recalls all too well how that felt.

As for the details of the story itself, Winger chalks it up to her imagination. The novel delves into several contemporary issues, including bullying, suicide, and end-of-life decisions.

“Older people and teenagers may seem to focus on very different personal issues and concerns, but in the end, we have more in common than you might think,” says Winger. “Both generations of women in this story have something to offer the other, and ultimately trust and love are the keys to their bond.”

Diane Winger is the co-author, along with her husband Charlie, of several guidebooks related to outdoor recreation. Settings of hiking, climbing, and cross-country skiing in Colorado are central to each of her four novels.

Memories & Secrets will be available for e-readers from starting May 15, 2015. A paperback edition is planned for June 2015.


New: Memories & Secrets by Diane Winger - available for pre-order

Scheduled release date (e-book): Friday, May 22   May 15, 2015

Diane's latest novel explores the lives of two women -- grandmother and granddaughter.

A year after her husband died, Deborah is still deeply torn over her role in his death, but there’s no one left whom she can confide in without breaking a solemn promise. The prospect of a month-long visit from her only grandchild feels like an opportunity to begin her arduous climb out of the twin burdens of grief and guilt.

Ashley is no longer the cheerful, confident tomboy her grandmother remembers from when they all lived close by. No one realizes that the suicide of a student at her high school – a boy she barely knew – has cut her to the core. Ashley’s secrets are weighing her down, undermining her future, destroying her friendships.

Two damaged people, fifty years separating their ages – neither expected their summer visit to be transformative, but life is sometimes full of surprises, some courageous, some grave.

In this novel filled with sadness and laughter, with fear and courage, two people turn to love to lift them beyond their painful memories and secrets.

Memories & Secrets will be available for pre-order from Amazon from April 13 to May 14, 2015. Reserve your copy today!